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Our world-leading research focuses on those areas in which we can integrate academic rigour with the needs of governments, industry and the not-for-profit sector, delivering creative solutions to global challenges and bringing economic, social and cultural benefit.

Our Research Institutes and Research Centres pioneer world-leading research inspired by an ambition to address society’s most pressing challenges, in collaboration with partners from across the globe.

Brunel's three Research Institutes: Institute of Environment, Health and Societies, Institute of Energy Futures and Institute of Materials and Manufacturing, bring together academics from most of our research areas to collaboratively tackle very specific challenges to the world’s economy and society.

Brunel's Research Centres focus on Digital Science & Technology, Automotive Technology, Culture & Evolution, Cognitive Neuroscience, Human Performance & Exercise & Rehabilitation, Entrepreneurship & Sustainability, Global Lives.
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Electronics, IT and TelecommsIndustrial manufacturing, Material and Transport TechnologiesIndustrial TechnologiesEnergy TechnologyPhysical Sciences and Exact Sciences and 10 more
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Technology Transfer Office
London, U.K.

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PRISM is a process for rapidly automatically sorting packaging based on intelligent labels with invisible markers. Codes are written using luminescent materials, typically inorganic phosphors. At the recycling facility the articles are subject to excitation radiation of a specific wavelength and a[…]

Brunel's Experimental Techniques Centre provides a unique and bespoke service of problem definition, analysis and interpretation. The combination of the analytical experts and a suite of world class techniques and equipment gives ETC the ability to characterise and understand the performance of mate[…]

Aerofoil blade designs with double rooted serrations that reduce trailing edge noise to the maximum through destructive interference. They can be attached to existing blades so are particularly suitable for retrofitting to larger blades, such as wind turbines. They are however applicable to a wide […]

Existing commercial aluminium alloys are modified with sub-micron particles resulting in a 20% increase in tensile strength with no loss of ductility.[…]

A casting magnesium alloy that can provide significantly improved thermal conductivity in comparison to the commonly used AZ91D magnesium alloys. The typical thermal conductivity of the new magnesium alloy is comparable to the thermal conductivity of the commonly used A380 aluminium alloy.[…]

Magnesium alloys are lightweight and so provide the best solution for reducing weight in the transport sector. However increasing the use of these alloys to replace steel has been hampered by their lack of ductility and low yield strength. This is due to the large grain structure, defects and inter‑[…]

To meet the ever increasing demand for more efficient, robust, and cost effective aircraft wing designs, conventional control surface methodologies need to be replaced by “morphing” technologies. Brunel University has developed a viable and realistic active wing/blade twist technology with an adapt[…]

An aerofoil blade design that reduces trailing edge noise by means of a saw-tooth serration filled with a porous material. The serration and porous material work constructively with each other to significantly improve the aero-acoustic performance. An optimal choice of the porous materials has been[…]

Vulcanaer is a novel regenerative hybrid engine system for diesel transport systems, particularly urban busses and delivery trucks. It converts a vehicle engine into an air pump during decelerations. It harvests the braking energy and stores it as compressed air for subsequent use to restart the en[…]

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